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Local Leaders Weigh In: AI in the Workplace

Each month, we’re asking our local leaders to weigh in on a timely topic. This month, we’re talking about AI in the workplace. We asked:  AI services like Chat GPT are becoming more popular. As an employer, what do you feel some of the benefits and challenges will be as AI tools become more commonplace?”

“As the leader of a High Technology company, the prospects for AI are very exciting. There is still a lot to learn about how it can be incorporated, I look forward to exploring how we can incorporate AI into our products. Having said that, as a big believer in Critical Thinking and the power individual analysis and effort, I am suspect of any capability that will “think” for the individual. As with any important skill, thinking and self-analysis takes practice and when we stop exercising the skill, it is quickly lost.”

- Dominick R. Barry, President, Quintron Systems, Inc.

“ChatGPT can be a valuable tool to improve productivity and written communications, as all businesses struggle with employees who have excellent technical knowledge but challenges with professional writing skills.   It’s important to have processes in place that include requiring a thorough review of the ChatGPT text so corrections are made where needed for technical, legal or other inaccuracies.  It is also very important to understand that the EEOC is currently developing technical guidance to address what that agency perceives as potential discrimination where AI tools are being used in employment decisions.”
- Sandra Dickerson, CEO,  Your People Professionals

“30 of us CA YMCA CEO’s gathered last week and Chat GPT came up as a topic.  Most of the Y’s had yet to utilize it yet some of the many uses discussed were:  Statistically current grant writing assistance, speech writing on certain topics, customized job descriptions, presentations and simply an amalgamation of a specific interest that can gather accurate, relevant and timely information in a short amount of time. Some of the drawbacks may be cost and training.”
- Shannon Seifert, CEO, Santa Maria Valley Y

“As leaders we need to understand what ChatGPT is and is not and how it can help.  If you do not have an account with ChatGPT you should get one and ask it some of your pressing problems.”
- Paul Cook, President/CEO, CoastHills Credit Union

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