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Be a part of the Chamber’s Expanded Business & Government Roundtable

Hello Chamber Members,
Operating a business anywhere is challenging. Labor, supply chains, cost of capital, and many other factors impact the ability of all businesses to grow. Additionally, legislative and regulatory action have very real and lasting impacts (positive or negative) on our local economy.
The Chamber helps local businesses address these challenges by serving as the collective voice in legislative and regulatory discussions. We seek to be a trusted source of information to help decision makers understand the impacts of their policies on our community’s competitiveness and economic vitality.  We do that best when we engage a wide range of business representatives to identify issues and impacts, determine which initiatives to support or oppose, and craft clear and precise communication around those positions.
In 2024, the Chamber is committed to stepping up our game in the advocacy arena, with particular emphasis on local and state decision-making bodies.
We need your help to make that happen!
Chamber members with interest (and/or expertise) in public policy at the city, county, or state levels are encouraged to sign up as a member of our expanded Business & Government Roundtable. The Roundtable serves as our primary forum to ensure we focus on issues of importance to our members and that we are representing your needs effectively.
As a member of the Roundtable, you will 

  • Meet quarterly to hear from key decision makers or advocacy partners and to frame Chamber policies and positions
  • Receive regular updates on proposed legislation or major regulatory changes that could impact your ability to operate your business successfully
  • Receive regular updates from our elected representatives on their priorities and results
  • Participate in focus groups and issue-specific task forces to help the Chamber effectively develop and communicate public policy recommendations to improve economic competitiveness
If you (or someone in your organization) would like to participate in this effort, please complete this brief survey and we will add you to our Business & Government Roundtable communications list and meeting invitations. The first quarterly meeting of the Roundtable is being planned for mid-February.
Thank you,
Glenn Morris
Presidnet & CEO, Santa Maria Valley Chamber
805.925.2403 x 825 |
Jason Buchanan
Chair, Santa Maria Valley Chamber Business & Government Roundtable
Vice President, HUB International Insurance Services, Inc.
805.361.2981 |

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