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SA Recycling


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About Us

SA Recycling is recognized as a world leader in the metal recycling and processing industry. With 50 facilities located conveniently throughout the Southwestern United States, we are effectively able to serve both regional and worldwide markets. Our reputation has been built on customer service while leading the industry in advances in safety and technology. Our state-of-the-art facilities are run by expertly trained staff who strive to accommodate your specific recycling needs.

Our recycling services include:
* Manufacturing Scrap Services
* Appliance Recycling
* Automobile Recycling
* Certified Destruction
* Demolition Scrap
* Demolition Services
* Green Waste
* Oil Filter Recycling

We understand the importance of recycling to the local economy as well as the global trade market. By processing millions of tons of scrap each year, SA Recycling aids in meeting the demands of both domestic and international manufacturers. We closely monitor market trends to offer our customers the most competitive prices, and create strong customer relationships through honesty and integrity.

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