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Photobooth Parlor Co

Photobooth Parlor Co


About Us

Professional studio quality photography photo booth

Instantly print high-quality photos capable of printing 400+ photo/event
Studio quality photos with shot with mirrorless camera (No tablet photos here!)
Beautiful and consistent captures with an included flash unit
24 megapixel photos (big enough to print on a billboard)
Adjustable camera tilt to capture guests of all sizes
Beautiful and aesthetic pleasing set up to match any type of event
Fully customizable interface set up to match your Event


Gallery Image The_Perez_Wedding_photo_101.jpeg
Gallery Image The_Perez_Wedding_photo_297.jpeg
Gallery Image The_Perez_Wedding_photo_48.jpeg
Gallery Image The_Perez_Wedding_photo_191.jpeg
Gallery Image Costco_Christmas_Party_photo_44.jpeg
Gallery Image Costco_Christmas_Party_photo_134.jpeg
Gallery Image Costco_Christmas_Party_photo_197.jpeg
Gallery Image Costco_Christmas_Party_photo_373.jpeg

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