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Kerosky & Gallelli LLP

Kerosky & Gallelli LLP


About Us

At K & G Immigration Law, we specialize only in US Immigration Law – so we're the experts in what we do.

Founded in 1989 by Christopher Kerosky and Susanna Bogue, our law firm has grown tremendously over the past 35 years. We started with just one office in San Francisco but now have a comprehensive office network throughout California and Nevada. We are proud of our success in the last three decades and look forward to providing excellent immigration legal services to our clients.

Our legal services provide comprehensive coverage of all areas related to US Immigration, Visas, and Naturalization. We offer assistance with filing applications, obtaining documents, navigating the immigration process, understanding immigration laws, appealing denied applications, and providing legal advice on visa and naturalization matters.

We also guide citizenship and permanent residency status, deportation proceedings, and family-based immigration issues. In addition, we can assist with drafting legal documents and representing clients in federal immigration court. Our experienced immigration attorneys and staff are committed to helping clients navigate the immigration process and achieve their desired outcomes.

We offer immigration legal representation of individuals, families, businesses and enterprises, investors, and employment-based situations, as well as reliable deportation defense in immigration court (EOIR), USCIS, ICE, and DHS.

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