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Coworking Office Space Rental

About Us

We are builders, creatives, entrepreneurs, and community members of the Santa Maria and Orcutt area. We own and operate several businesses and are always focused on how to deliver a better experience and create environments where people can be their best.

Recently, we wanted to meet and collaborate with team members and found that there were no good options that had flexible office space, a community to connect with professionally, or an environment that is full of energy and inspiration. So we created our own.

Like any authentic business, the culture and identity need to be shaped by the community of people who are at the forefront and inhabit the space. Our focus is to create and foster an ecosystem that not only is a great space to work in but also has a great community and network that not only connects our members to each other but also surrounding businesses, opportunities, and ideas.

We invite you to be a part of this journey to start building a network and culture that our members can leverage to add value to their business or professional careers. As a community, we will work together to create a space that fosters innovation, inspiration, and creates an environment full of energy.


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