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Awakening Giantz

Awakening Giantz

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About Us

Awakening Giantz supports young adults who have been impacted by foster care through community and connection. We host regular social and educational events and workshops that are geared to promote positive relationships, mindsets and outcomes. We are strong believers that it not only takes a village to raise a child, but that that village is also needed long into adulthood. We'd like our community to recognize our organization as a platform to give back to this underserved and underthought about community. We strongly encourage local community members and businesses to contact if there is any story, service or education you would like to share with our community. There is plenty of room at the table.

"They don't care how much we know until they know how much we care."


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Do you know a prospective Giant? Do you have a heart for this community and want to know how you can support this amazing group of young adults? Contact Us!
Ways to Support
We are a new and quickly growing non-profit supporting young adults who have been imparted by foster-care.
Did you know May is Fostercare Awareness Month?

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