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Vote for Us - That One Photobooth LLC

Have you had the pleasure of experiencing That One Photobooth LLC? Whether you love our services, our Staff, or you would love to support a Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce Member, you can do so without spending a penny!

We know that if you could, you’d rent our photo booth services for every event you had. It’s an engaging experience that brings people together to have fun and captures memories to adore for years to come. We also have really cool features, technology, and fancy equipment! If you’ve wondered how to support us without having to whip out your wallet, now is the chance!
California Wedding Day Best of 2023 is holding their annual voting for everyone to nominate their favorite bridal industry professionals. We really hope that That One Photobooth LLC is one of your favorites and we hope you will consider voting for us. We are one of the few local photo booths that are properly licensed and insured and have gone through our City’s requirements of photographers needing a live scan and background check. We are a small, family-owned business with our home-base here in Santa Maria and we are very community-driven, but we really could use more visibility to attract more clients and stay in business. We need your help!
Here is how to cast your vote:

  1. Go to the official voting form here:
  2. Enter your Email Address and Name on the first page and press the “Next” button
  3. Enter info in any other fields in which you would like to vote for other wedding industry professionals
  4. On the page heading “California Wedding Day Best of 2023 | SANTA BARBARA”, type in “That One Photobooth LLC” for the lines “Best Photo Booth” and “All-Around Best Wedding Vendor
  5. Press “Next” at the bottom of each page to get to the final “Submit” button and click it
  6. To increase your votes, you may repeat filling out the form using any other email addresses you may have (1 vote per email address though)
Please also share with anyone else that would support us and knows That One Photobooth LLC is the Best! Our hope is that this could help us get more visibility to those that have not discovered us yet. The best thing about your vote and support is that it doesn’t cost you anything except for a quick minute of your time. We are so grateful for your consideration and to those of you that took the time to support us. That one minute you took means the world to us! We appreciate you helping to keep a Santa Maria business IN business!
Thank you,
Vanessa Grossman and Christopher La Casse
Owners of That One Photobooth LLC


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