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Savings by Summer: Lower your energy bills with the Market Access Program! Webinar Jan 30th

Save on your electricity bill while helping your community reduce peak energy demand this summer! 

The Central Coast Leaders in Energy Action Program (CC-LEAP), in partnership with AESC, is hosting a webinar on PG&E’s new Market Access Program (MAP), which aims to reduce stresses on the grid that lead to rotating power outages while minimizing costs to customers. Learn how to complete energy-saving upgrades with the help of a MAP project developer. Financing is also available for qualified projects. 
The program has flexible eligibility criteria, meaning many projects that can measurably reduce energy use can qualify for MAP’s financial resources. Participants receive project design and implementation help throughout their project, making it simple to start saving energy and money. Complete energy efficiency projects quickly with the help of MAP!  

The Savings by Summer webinar will be happening on January 30th at 2 PM. Register here today to get started. 

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