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Santa Maria Valley Next January & February 2022: Building & Construction Trades

Santa Maria Valley Next highlights the career readiness training offered in high school career pathways and recognizes students who are excelling in these various pathways. This month, we are highlighting youth excelling in the Building & Construction Trades pathways.

Pathway Description: Agriculture Construction Program
The Righetti High School Agriculture Construction is an integral part of the Agriculture Mechanics Pathway in our Agriculture Department. The Construction program provides our students with the basic skills, opportunities, and confidence to start with a concept then design and construct it. Our students start with basic hand tools and progress to more advanced tools and machines. We are in the process of upgrading our entire shop to provide our students with all current professional tools and equipment. We encourage individual and group work to improve confidence and ability to perform construction skills. Also being part our Agriculture Department our students are members of the FFA. As part of the FFA we encourage our students  to participate in the State wide Agriculture Mechanics Career Development Event (CDE or Judging Team), where they compete in teams of four students where they have to demonstrate Agriculture Mechanics and construction skills. This is a very competitive event that helps prepare our students for career success.

Alyssa Marroquin, Righetti High School
Alyssa Marroquin started in our agriculture department last year where she made an immediate impact. Her interest and curiosity in getting involved and learning about construction was obvious from day one , even with the challenge of virtual learning. This year Alyssa has been involved in our biggest projects and is working on using and being comfortable using all of our tools in our shop to get the most of her experience here at Righetti and help her in her future. Alyssa  sees and has many options after graduation because of her efforts and opportunities that she is creating.  Perfection and her best effort is what Alyssa strives for on a daily basis.   Alyssa also brings the enthusiasm, and desire to help others. She is an excellent teacher with the ability and desire to help others.  I am very fortunate to have Alyssa Marroquin in my class and our program. One of our program goals is to increase our number of girls construction and shop pathways and I am proud to say that Alyssa is a role model that we are very fortunate to have.

Wyatt Jones, Righetti High School
Wyatt Jones is one of our star students in our Agriculture program. Wyatt's future is in construction! He comes to us with a great start and knowledgeable about most parts of construction, and the best part is he is a good student. Most students with his skills are a challenge to teach. Wyatt is ready and willing to learn and improve his knowledge and skills. I enjoy giving Wyatt a job because I know he is going to complete it and do quality work. He is also a pleasure to have in class because he is so easy to work with.  I often give him jobs to complete and team him up with different students, so he serves as a teacher's assistant.  I am very pleased and comfortable with him working with others because he strives for quality work while working on efficiency and best practice. He often asks how he can improve his skills, knowing that he might need or use those skills in his future. Wyatt Jones is an excellent representation of the student of the month candidate.

Pathway Description: Building & Construction Program
The Building & Construction Program provides students the opportunity to explore various trades in both commercial and residential construction. Students start off with safety training, tool identification and operation, blueprint reading and design.  They then are tasked with designing and building a small project.  Students are then introduced to the various trades and explore framing, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, drywall, tile setting, roofing, finish carpentry.  The program culminates with either a design build competition or building a functional tiny house.  Upon completion of the program students will both OSHA 10 and NCCER Construction Craft Laborer certifications.
Caden Gollihar, Righetti High School
Caden Gollihar is an 11th grader from Ernest Righetti High School and a recent transfer student from San Angelo Texas.  He has adapted very well to the move and has become a leader in the classroom.  He shows incredible potential as a craftsman and has the goal of owning his own construction company in the future. 
Cinthia Martinez, Santa Maria High School
Cinthia Martinez is a 12th grader from Santa Maria High School.  Cinthia has an amazing work ethic and has a genuine interest in the construction trades.  She has proven she has the ability to lead a team to success on projects both large and small.  Cinthia will be attending Fresno State University in the fall.

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