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Featured Businesses of the Month

Featured Businesses of the Month

The City of Santa Maria and Santa Maria Valley Chamber are partnering to highlight different businesses in the City of Santa Maria through their Santa Maria Featured Businesses program. This program gives recognition to businesses who have been in the community for a significant amount of time, and/or providing unique or significant contributions to our community. Not only does this give valuable exposure to these local businesses, it also reminds our community of the unique, diverse and long-standing businesses we are fortunate to have in Santa Maria.
The focus for 12 months, since January 2023, gives recognition to local businesses for their longevity and/or providing significant healthcare contributions. Each month, one business from each of these two categories is recognized during the City Council meeting and publicized by the City and the Chamber.
May 2023 Featured Businesses
  • Long-standing business: A.J. Diani Construction Corp and its affiliate, Diani Building Corp.
  • Healthcare business: Marian Regional Medical Center and Pacific Central Coast Health Centers (PHC).
After returning from World War II as a Navy Seabee in the Pacific Theater, A.J. Diani began doing grading jobs for some of the local farmers. He formally started his namesake company in 1949 and it was incorporated in 1958. The company grew from grading, paving, and highway construction, into general building construction, and environmental remediation and restoration. The firm even continues to build launch, radar, and satellite infrastructure, including at Vandenberg Space Force Base. Today its workforce stands at 90. The Diani family’s community activities date back 74 years.
Marian Regional Medical Center and Pacific Central Coast Health Centers (PHC). This business has grown from one small hospital in the 1940s, into an acute care hospital with a regional trauma center, along with a skilled nursing center, 50 physician offices (PHC), labs, imaging centers, homecare, and hospice and cancer services. The hospital employs 2,600 and PHC employs 700. The business not only serves the community’s healthcare needs, it also is financially supportive of homeless housing projects, has a street medicine program, and partners with Allan Hancock College to support its health programs and to train and hire its graduates.
Businesses are chosen by the Santa Maria Valley Chamber. To nominate a business or ask about the program, contact Molly Schiff, Director of Member & Community Engagement  at the Chamber via email at or by phone at (805) 925-2403 extension 816.

(From left: business partners Don Ward, Mike Diani, and Jim Diani (at right) accept the May 2023 Long-Standing Business of the Month recognition from Councilmember Gloria Soto.

Sue Andersen, President and CEO of Marian Regional Medical Center, and Scott Robertson, President of Pacific Central Coast Health Centers, accept the May 2023 Healthcare business of the Month recognition from the Councilmember Mike Cordero.

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