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Featured Business of the Month: The VegBoss, LLC

The VegBoss, LLC was our featured women-owned business for December 2021! Here’s some additional information about the business.

When was the business formed?

How has the business grown?
By expanding our product offerings, reaching out to new growers in both North and South America and continuing to provide best in class service.

Current number of employees:

Describe how your business has innovated their product/service:
We have a few proprietary packs of cauliflower and broccoli that has helped us to secure year round contract business. Not super innovative, but they pencil well for our clients.

Describe how your business has responded to periods of adversity:
We right sized and pivoted our business model immediately in an effort to survive. Fortunately for us this led to new business opportunities that we still enjoy today.

Describe how your business contributes to the overall well-being of the community (contributions of time, money or resources, service and volunteer activity, leadership roles, membership in groups/boards/committees, etc.):
We continue to support local youth sports (as we did during the "covid year"). We work weekly to keep the California Food Banks supplied with fresh quality produce. Annually we award scholarships to the children of migrant farm workers and military families. Kim is on the United Way and Orcutt National Little League Boards. In addition we are members of the California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce where we were award Business of the Year 2021.

The Monthly Featured Business program is done in partnership with the City of Santa Maria and aims to gives recognition to businesses who have been in the community for a significant amount of time, and/or providing unique or significant contributions to our community. The focus for 12 months, beginning in December 2021 is on major manufacturers and women-owned businesses in the City. To nominate a business or ask about the program, contact Molly Schiff at the Chamber at

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