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City Offers Sprinklers and Landscape Burlaps for “Go Green in the Fall” Promotion- October 2023

City Offers Sprinklers and Landscape Burlaps for “Go Green in the Fall” Promotion
During October, the City of Santa Maria Utilities Department is offering free landscape burlaps and sprinklers for City residents. The promotion is to remind homeowners to Go Green in the Fall by pulling weeds and collecting clippings to spruce up the landscape, adjusting irrigation clocks, and regularly checking irrigation sprinklers and outdoor faucets to address any leaks.
Residents will receive one 7-foot by 7-foot landscape burlap and three MPR1000 Rotator sprinklers with anti-leak sprinkler bodies. Requests are limited to one promotional package per household while supplies last.  
The landscape burlap can be used to gather yard clippings, branches, leaves, and other green waste materials in the yard or garden, and easily transport them to the green waste container, compost pile, or bin. 
Easily retrofit existing irrigation by transitioning to MPR1000 Rotators sprinklers to maximize water efficiency and slow precipitation. A product instruction guide and adjustment tool are included with the promotion to aid in the installation of the sprinklers.  
Santa Maria residents must contact the Utilities Department to reserve their promotion in advance at (805) 925-0951 extension 7270, Monday-Friday, and schedule an appointment for pickup.

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