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Chamber Coalition Opposes Creation of New Protected Class

The Santa Maria Valley Chamber partnered with the California Chamber of Commerce and other organizations to respectfully OPPOSE AB 2182 and label it as a Job Killer bill. AB 2182 imposes a burdensome new accommodation requirement on small businesses to provide employees with time off any time school or a care center is unavailable. The Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) applies to employers with five or more employees and includes a costly private right of action, exposing small employers to costly litigation. AB 2182 also creates a new protected class under FEHA: people with “family responsibilities”. That term is broadly defined to include anyone with a child under 18 or anyone who provides care to someone in their family or household, including a non-family member. This creates an automatic basis for an individual in that new classification to challenge any adverse employment action.

The letter written in opposition of AB 2182 may be found here.

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