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About Us

Too often after military service, women Veterans struggle with unimaginable difficulties, much like our brothers we served with. As an aid in transitioning to civilian life, the goal of our new ACTIVE farming community is to bridge the gap for a large majority of female Veterans experiencing traumas, despair, and financial burdens (to name a few) by offering this sustainable solution to our present-day affordable housing crisis. We intend to be that bridge to restoring purpose, dignity, and independence once again!
OPWEBS builds tiny homes on wheels (THOWs) to provide a safe & stable place for women Veterans who are displaced or homeless after military service. Our vision is to deliver a self-sustaining, eco-friendly, vibrant farming community which offers the empowerment, enrichment, education, independence, comradery, and security that our Veteran heroines desperately need and deserve to aid in their successful transition to civilian normalcy after military service.


  • Tiny Home On Wheels (THOW)
  • Homelessness
  • Women Veterans
  • Farming Village
  • Community


30' trailer with tiny house kit
Day 1
1st run of Lincoln Log
Teacher & Student
Day 2
Instructions review
Locked and loaded
Communication is key
Tiny House Terminatior
Loft going up
Teacher & Student
5hr to the double loft

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