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Central Coast New Technology High School

Central Coast New Technology High School


About Us

The goal of Central Coast New Tech High School is to effectively prepare students for the 21st century by focusing on engagement, relevancy, and experience within the curriculum.

We are a school of choice, which means that we are free and public, welcoming any student from San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties.

We utilize project based learning - we connect our California State Standards to real world problems so our students can see the relevance of their learning.

We are always looking for chances to engage the community by inviting people to visit, tour and meet our kids. They are always presenting, designing or creating new ideas and benefit greatly from professional feedback.

Please call for more information.


  • College Prep classes
  • Small class culture
  • 1:1student/computer ratio
  • Project base learning
  • Internships/Digial Portfolio


Central Coast New Tech High School - Growing a local business network between students and the 'real work' of their futures

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